Just one extra good deed per week by each American - what a difference that would  make in our wonderful country. Let's shoot for that one good deed, starting today; something even as simple as a smile.  


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 This Step is where the various options are listed.

 Each option needs to have a list of consequences attached. It is important to underscore the
 weight of the consequences: if the consequence might be severe, even critical, highlighting that
 choice in red flashing lights may be in order to point out that that option carries a great deal of

 The greater the risk, the more research and soul-searching are required. If the risk has a value 
 of $100 you don’t want to expend $500 of your time or speak to a professional in the related
 field. If the risks are enormous an expert may have to be hired. This is where most companies
 or other large institutions will usually perform a Risk-Reward Analysis.


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