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Just one extra good deed per week by each American - what a difference that would  make in our wonderful country. Let's shoot for that one good deed, starting today; something even as simple as a smile.  


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  “What is a Decision Cycle”

 The Decision cycle is a tool designed to help make better decisions therefore you will obtain better results to your actions. It is our recommendation that you practice on 3 simple decisions you made each day. Something as simple as stopping for a red light could be broken down into its basic components

We start by breaking down the cycle into 6 main components. Each component is a specialty onto itself. It 1st requires awareness to break it down. Once broken down it needs to be handled in order; sometimes a step may be missed and you have to back track and continue from that point on.

Each specialty is a break down the decision action cycle.  

It is easier To Do The Right Thing in smaller pieces, that is why we have designed this attractive decision cycle as an aid to this end. 

The 6 parts are as follows;

New Information

Emotional Reaction

List your Options

Logical Decision

Ask yourself am I Doing The Right Thing?


Each component is going to have a Blog so we could all learn from each other’s experiences.

Let’s do one run through of all 6-decision components using stopping for a red light as an example;

New Information: Light turned red from green.

Emotional Reaction: If you had plenty of time to stop the emotion was close to non-existent. Had you been close to the light or driving fast there would have been an emotional reaction and adrenaline rush. Both ways the action cycle was rushed and you hit the brake gas or some other action was taken.

List your Options: If this happened in slow motion, here are some of the options.
1. Stop  
2. Go through the light.
3. Turn off the road a block before the light.

Logical Decision:

1. StopPossible consequence, not much unless a car was coming up from behind at a fast rate of speed.

2. Go through the light(Possible consequence of breaking the law.)

     a. Get a ticket

     b. Get into an accident

     c. Hurting someone

     d. Hurting you self

     e. Damaging property.

“Am I Doing The Right Thing?” is the key question to ask yourself. The Key is Doing The Right Thing! Think a momentHmmm, 1 or 2?

Action: which leads back into New Information

Once an action has been taken there will be a result, even if it's nothing Nothing is a result, and plug that back into the decision cycle and start all over.

1. or 2. In the case where there is no adverse consequence, life goes on without incident.

2. Where you get into an accident or get a ticket you start all over again and go through the cycle. You either deal with the fact you will not get to your destination or get there late, dealing with the police, filling out an accident report, no car, having to have your car repaired, etc.

Doesn’t Doing the Right Thing make more sense?


In the Decision Cycle, between the
Logical Decision and Action, the person asks if the option he or she’s about to pick means doing the right thing.

  Doing the Right Thing Can be Hard
We all want to do the right thing, but sometimes it can be difficult, particularly when our own short-term needs get in the way. In the long run, these detours cost us time, money, and peace of mind. This is where Do the Right Thing America comes in. Our reminders are there to bring awareness, and support you in actually doing the Right Thing.
There are no guarantees in life, and doing the right thing is not often easy. And in the long run, doing the right thing brings happiness. And isn’t that what we all want? In the final analysis, the only difference between negative and positive energy is the direction. Doing the right thing helps to generate that special feeling by generating positive energy.

  But the Benefits are Many

By doing the right thing, you are teaching your kids a very important value. But you’re also telling your friends, employer, employees, and/or clients what your values are and how they can expect to be treated by you.
Why not let them know how you feel by supporting this cause with a tangible reminder?
Click here if you’d like to get some help in remembering to do the right thing.

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