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 Are We Doing The Right Thing?

 Once the choice is made before action is taken the following questions need to be asked before
 we take action;

a.       Will the actions line up with the goals?

b.      Can I live with the consequences?

c.       AM I DOING THE RIGHT THING? “The key is Doing the Right Thing.”

 In many instances Doing The Right Thing takes guts. Why? Giving up short term gains could be
 problematic vs. long term gains and then patiently having to wait for the results.

 One thing companies have to realize Doing The Right Thing have to carry very heavy weight in
 the decision making process because at the end of the day not doing the right thing may trip up
 the entire entity or Doing The Right Thing may offer
unexpected hidden rewards.

 A quick story to highlight the above, on August 25, 2009 in the Wall Street Journal, titled “How
 to Surgically Remove Lawyers from Hospitals” “Hospital Owns Up to Errors.”

 The hospital administration new the risks were high yet they had the guts to Do The Right Thing
 and admit their mistakes. Here are three unintended positive results;

1.      The hospital payouts for mistakes were reduced.

2.      Their quality of patient care went up.

3.      The patient family was able to heal faster because the environment of *forgiveness was set.

 While the title is disparaging to attorneys, if you think about it, they are also heroes. Had
 attorneys not been riding the hospitals and inflicting financial pain the hospitals may have never
 owned up to their mistakes and done The Right Thing. At the end of the day the universe can’t
 be cheated. The sad part is why did we wait so long? In this case, fear! Fear of having to pay a
 lot of money. Fear for their reputation and other concerns.

 At this point if fear kicks in or desires go unchecked it is recommended going back to the
“Emotional Reaction” phase and review to separate and acknowledge the issues that cause
 fear, desire or other emotions before going into action. The last thing needed is to make an
 emotional decision and be convinced that it was a logical decision.

 *Forgiveness is a whole other area of will be exploring and
 bringing to you.

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